About Enphase Store

Enphase’s online store allows our installer partners and homeowner customers to order products directly and have them delivered to their doorstep. Products can be purchased directly through the online store with no minimum order quantity and without having to request them through distributors or our customer support team. The online store services the entire United States. Products usually ship within 3 business days from Enphase. Customers can select among multiple expedited FedEx shipping options, with online tracking enabled.

Enphase is opening this online store as a result of consistent feedback from our partners and customers who wanted access to products that are hard to find through traditional channels. Through this offering, our objective is to provide a great experience to both our partners and customers. There are limited number of products that are available in the Enphase store today. Enphase will be adding more products to the store based on continual feedback from our partners and customers. If you will like us to support products that are not yet listed or for any other feedback, please feel free to write to us at enphasestore@enphase.com.