Combiner Box Circuit Breaker-Breaker- 10A

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Breaker, 2 pole, 20A, Eaton BR220.

  • Features an individual trip as well as a rejection tab
  • Designed to create 1 circuit and allows 240 VAC
  • Protects load center and overheating by diverting

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Circuit breakers protect the wires in your home from overheating (referred to as an overload) and fault currents (referred to as short circuits). The Eaton Circuit Breaker is designed to create 1 circuit with 2 poles. This allows for 240-Volt circuits. This breaker has an independent trip as well as a rejection tab feature. These breakers are in load centers and should be installed only in panel positions that have notched bus stabs that accommodate the rejection clip. Also, these circuit breakers are UL approved genuine replacement breakers for load centers.

Primary function Protect the wire from overheating (overload) and fault currents (short circuit)
Amperage  (1) 2 pole 20 Amp
Number of poles 2
Trip type Independent
Interrupt rating 10 kAIC
Voltage rating  120/240V
Wire size  14-4 AWG Cu/Al
Additional feature Rejection tab feature

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