Communications kit with Cell Modem

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This Enphase Ensemble Communications Kit (COMMS-KIT-01) contains a wireless USB adapter that facilitates continuous communication between IQ™ Envoy or IQ™ combiner or Envoy S Metered or Envoy S Combiner box.

The Enphase Mobile Connect cellular modems deliver easy, reliable networking for Enphase Systems using S and IQ™ Series Envoys. CELLMODEM-M1 is a LTE CAT M1 cellular modem. When purchased as part of COMMS-KIT-M1 it includes a 5-year data plan for Ensemble systems with up to 60 microinverters.

Note: This product requires installation by a certified installer. At checkout, you can request matching to an installer in your area. 

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Communications Kit

Technology: USB Adapter

Compatibility: IQ Envoy Monitoring Solutions

Ambient Temperature Range: -25º C to +50º C (-13º to 122º F)

Warranty: 5 years

Enphase Ensemble™ wireless communication Kit is a part of the Enphase Ensemble™ energy management system, it enables direct communication between Encharge™ storage, Enpower™ smart switch, and the IQ™ Envoy or IQ™ combiner box. It uses 2.4 GHz and 915 MHz frequencies in parallel for maximum reliability. The kit is connected to one of the USB ports on the IQ™ Envoy, usually located within the IQ™ Combiner Box. 

Note: You must install the Ensemble Communications Kit to enable the complete functionality of the Ensemble energy management system. The Ensemble system seamlessly switches between the two bands to ensure reliable wireless communication.

Cellular Modem

Compatability Envoy™ S or IQ™ Envoy with firmware v4.9 or later
Color Blue
Antenna Provided in the kit and needs to be mounted
Cell Connectivity Long Term Evolution Category M1 (LTE-M)
Dimensions 5.41in x 1.16in x 2.45in

The Cellular Modem connects the Envoy™ S or IQ™ Envoy to the Enlighten™ Cloud through LTE-M cellular connectivity. It eliminates the need for an on-site Internet connection to monitor an Enphase system. The modem is pre-configured and is activated when connected to the Envoy. The Envoy collects module-level and system-level production data, and, if configured, consumption data, at pre-defined periods of time, typically at 15-minute intervals. It transmits to the Enlighten™ Cloud four times a day.

Please refer to the video for a step by step guide for installing the cellular modem.

Communications Kit

  • Encharge™ Battery Storage

  • Enpower™ Smart Switch

  • IQ™ Combiner or IQ™ Envoy

  • Enphase IQ Envoy™

  • Envoy S Metered

  • Envoy S Combiner

Cellular Modem

  • Envoy™ S or IQ™ Envoy with firmware v4.9 or later

Dimensions Cellular Modem Communications Kit
Length 137.54 mm / 5.4 inch 79.76 mm / 3.14 inches
Width 62.23 mm / 2.4 inch 32.00 mm / 1.26 inches
Height 29.54 mm / 1.1 inch 2.03 mm / 0.08 inches
Weight 0.36 Kgs / 0.8 lbs 0.16 Kgs / 0.36 lbs