Engage Cable Clips (Pack of 100)

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EngageTM Cable Clips, available in a pack of 100, are stainless steel cable clips to fasten cabling to the racking or to secure looped cabling. These clips are specially designed for EngageTM cables and help achieve a fast, clean and quality installation.

Note: This product requires installation by a certified installer. At checkout, you can request matching to an installer in your area.

For detailed installation instructions, kindly refer the documentation tab below.

Color Silver
Product Dimension 0.6in x 0.4in x 0.4in
Max dist between clips 1.8m
Compatability EngageTM Cabling

M Series Microinverter system

S Series Microinverter system

EngageTM Cabling system


10.16 mm / 0.4 inch


10.16 mm / 0.4 inch


15.24 mm / 0.6 inch