Enpower™ smart switch

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Enpower™ smart switch is a part of the Enphase Ensemble™ energy management system which consolidates interconnection equipment into a single enclosure and streamlines grid-independent capabilities of PV and storage. It provides a consistent, pre-wired solution for residential solar + storage applications. During outages, it isolates your solar system from the grid and connects the storage. 

Note: The prices here are for equipment only. They do not include installation, permitting and possible panel rewiring costs. Energy storage installations require a significant amount of electrical work, and a significant amount of time from your installer. While equipment costs typically account for 50-60% of the cost of an energy storage system, the installation itself – i.e., the amount of electrical work required and where you find your installer – also plays a large role in the overall cost of the system.

A complete storage system consists of Encharge 10, Encharge 3, Enpower smart switch, Enpower main and circuit breakers, communication kit with cell modem, and soft starters. Each need to be procured separately.

Enphase Storage systems should be installed by a trained and certified Enphase Installer. All self-installers are required to complete an Enphase Storage certification course and system design review in order to successfully commission a system.

A list of certified installers in your region is available at checkout. Contact us for help.

Components of Enphase storage system


Enpower™ smart switch

The Enpower™ smart switch senses when the grid goes down and seamlessly transitions the home from grid power to backup power.

Encharge™ solar batteries

The solar batteries, internal to Encharge™, store energy for later use or for use during a power outage.

IQ Combiner or Standalone IQ Envoy

Homeowners with IQ Microinverter system use IQ Combiner or a discrete IQ Envoy to communicate data to Enlighten cloud.

Envoy S Metered

Homeowners with legacy M-series (M215 or M250) Microinverter system use Envoy-S metered to communicate data to Enlighten cloud.


Visit Enphase University to learn more and Enphase Community for questions.

  • Enphase Encharge 10™
  • Enphase Encharge 3™


246 mm / 9.68 inch


 500 mm / 19.68 inch


916 mm / 36.06 inch


38.5kg/ 85 lbs