IQ 7+ Solaria 355W Kit

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The Solaria AC Module kit contains 355 Wp Solaria PowerXT®-AC module integrated with Enphase IQ 7+ on the back-sheet and Q CableTM. This kit can be used for new installations or system expansions to be EnsembleTM ready.

This kit consists of 1 Solaria PowerXT®-355R-AC module and 1 unit of landscape Q CableTM(Q-12-17-240).

Note: This product requires installation by a certified installer. At checkout, you can request matching to an installer in your area.

For detailed installation instructions, kindly refer to the documentation tab below.

The Solaria PowerXT AC Panel combines the latest cutting-edge microinverter technology from Enphase with the premium high-efficiency and superior aesthetics of the Solaria PowerXT Panel. Utilizing the latest Enphase IQ 7+ platform the PowerXT AC Panel combines aesthetics and performance into an elegant product that reduces installation time by combining the inverter, panel, and monitoring.

Designed for AC Module (ACM) applications, the smart grid-ready Enphase IQ 7+ ACM Micro™ is built on the latest microinverter technology from Enphase. The high-performance IQ Micros increase energy harvest from PV modules while lowering system costs for installers.

Improved Aesthetics Stunning all black striking appearance
Higher Module Efficiency, Higher Power 19.6% Efficiency, 355 Wdc
Durability and Reliability 25 years product and performance warranty
Max AC Output Power 295 VA
MPPT Range of Microinverter 27-45 V
Microinverter CEC Efficiency 97%
Configurable Grid profiles Hawaiian Electric Company (HECO) Rule 14H, California Rule 21, and others

IQ-Series™ Microinverter system with IQ EnvoyTM

Q-Cable™ system

EnsembleTM ready

Length per panel

1621 mm / 5.3 ft

Width per panel

1116 mm / 3.6 ft

Height per panel

40 mm / 0.1 ft

Weight per panel

25 kg / 55 lbs