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The Enphase IQ Envoy™ communications gateway delivers solar production and energy consumption data to Enphase Enlighten™ monitoring and analysis software for comprehensive, remote maintenance and management of the Enphase IQ System. With integrated revenue grade production metering and optional consumption monitoring, the Envoy IQ is the platform for total energy management and integrates with the Enphase IQ Battery™.

The Enphase IQ Envoy communications gateway comes with integrated revenue grade PV production metering (ANSI C12.20 +/- 0.5%) and optional consumption monitoring (+/- 2.5%). Includes one 200A continuous rated production CT.

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Enphase recommends the use of an IQ Combiner 3 with integrated IQ Envoy. Standalone IQ Envoy is intended for systems with a total of 90 amps or more PV breakers or more than four PV breakers

Power requirements 120/240 VAC split-phase.
Max 20 A overcurrent protection required.
Number of microinverters polled Up to 600
Ambient temperature range -40° to 65° C (-40° to 149° F)
-40° to 46° C (-40° to 115° F) if installed in an enclosure
Environmental rating IP30. For installation indoors or in an NRTL-certified, NEMA type 3R enclosure.
Altitude To 2000 meters (6,560 feet)
Production CT  Is limited to 200A of continuous current / 250A OCPD – 72kW AC
Internal aperture measures 19.36mm to support 250MCM THWN conductors
Consumption CT For electrical services to 250A with parallel runs up to 500A
Internal aperture measures 0.84” x 0.96” (21.33mm x 24.38mm) to support
3/0 THWN conductor
CT wire insulation rating of 600V

Enphase Mobile Connect™

CELLMODEM-M1 (4G based LTE-M / 5-year data plan)

Consumption Monitoring CT

IQ7 Microinverter System

Encharge Storage Sytem

Dimensions (WxHxD)  21.3 x 12.6 x 4.5 cm (8.4” x 5” x 1.8”)

Weight      17.6 oz (498 g)