Engage Accessory Kit

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This kit for M215 includes accessories for installing M series Microinverters. It includes 4 Terminators, 1 Disconnect Tool and 5 Watertight caps.

This M 215 microinverter accessory kit provides several components needed for an install.

ET-DISC: Disconnect tool - 01 nos - Allows for easy disconnection of the M Series Microinverters from the EngageTM cabling system. It also enables the secure fastening of ET-Term Terminators.

ET-Term: Terminators - 04 nos - Allows safe termination of unused EngageTM cable

ET-SEAL: Watertight seal caps - 05 nos - Used for covering the unused connectors of the EngageTM cable. The sealing cap prevents water from entering the connector. One cap is used for every unused connector.

M Series Microinverter system

S Series Microinverter system

EngageTM Cabling system